Future Sailors

19 year old creature named Elsa.
From Stockholm, Sweden.

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What if

When youre born, you get this paper with all the stuff about you.
Like your passion, talents, sexual preference, mental health diagnosis and stuff

So you dont have to figure this shit out later in life. Cuz it sucks

Ugh, i dont like wearing a hardhat at work ):

At one point, I thought you were worth dying for

And then you broke my heart
again, and again and again

Have I told you guys that Im over one year clean? The scars are fading and so is my illness

Im so bad at buying things.

Except edible stuff. But you know, clothes and such. I just look at stuff and go “naaah, Ill look ugly in this”. 

Going out for New Years Eve,
So this happened this tuesday. 
8mm labret, fudge yeah!
30mm. Polarbears in the background.